Critical Steps to Cleaning Your Living Room

Many people set aside one room in their house for relaxation. Some call it a lounge area while others refer to it as a living room. In most cases, this room is near the main entrance to the house. In fact, it usually faces the door as you come into a person’s home. This means that visitors develop a particular impression of your house as soon as they see it.

For example, a clean living room is an indication that your entire house is clean. It also suggests that you are an organized person. Some people would even to talk to you more freely in a clean lounge room than they would in a dirty one. In contrast, dirty living rooms are off-putting. In fact, using other rooms in your house would be difficult for many people if you had a messy living room.

Here are two critical steps to cleaning your living room:

• De-Clutter It as Often as Possible

white themeUsually, living rooms are everyone’s favorite because TVs and home theater systems happen to be in these areas in most cases. Family members also meet here in the morning, evening, or during the day as they watch a TV show. Moreover, people love them because that is where they meet visitors to their homes.

Unfortunately, this heightened level of activity in lounge rooms leads to the accumulation of clutter. Some of these include pizza boxes, duvets, coffee mugs, and plates among other things. People forget to take them away after they use them. Eventually, living rooms look messy because they have items that should be in other parts of the house.

Preventing such scenarios is difficult because people relax so much in lounge rooms that they usually forget what they are doing. The only recourse you have is to develop a culture of decluttering this room as often as possible. This culture would rub on your family as well. Eventually, they will declutter this room frequently in addition to tidying up other parts of the house.

• Getting Rid of Dirt and Dust as Soon as Possible

living room with booksImagine how your guests would feel if sitting on your couch leaves traces of dust or dirt on their clothes. That would be a terrible experience for them and an embarrassing moment for you. Luckily, you can avoid such scenarios by dusting and wiping specific surfaces in your living room especially the upholstery items.

Vacuuming your lounge room is an excellent way of dealing with dirt and dust. Focus on the carpet and upholstery, but do not neglect the other areas in this room. Cleaning experts recommend vacuuming your living room once a week. However, they suggest doing it daily if you have a pet. Taking cushion cover and rugs to the cleaners frequently is an excellent idea as well.

Look at your windows as well. Do they have dust on them? That impedes the free flow of light into your house. Get rid of it as soon as possible. You can do that by mixing one part hot water with one part distilled vinegar. Then take a sponge, moisten the window with it, and then clean your windows.