Guide on Setting up a Conference Room

As you map out the floor plan for any company, it is vital to add to a conference room. Conference rooms are key to conducting meetings and accommodating clients. Interviews or employee training sessions are conducted in the conference room. Business owners value the importance of presentation. Attractive boardrooms offer a real platform when gaging business success. The aim is to create a conference room with a warm, professional feeling that’s efficient and attractive. Before picking a conference table or any other furniture for the room, here are some tips that will help your choice.

Points of Note

clean bathroomFirst, identify how your boardroom will be used and how many people will be using it. For instance, you can use it for meetings. The long solid wood tables are ideal for meeting rooms. Alternatively, if you prefer small discussion groups for training conference tables, training becomes a challenge. The conference table will rest at the rooms’ center.

Get the measurements right, so you do not end up with a table that’s too large or small.
The character and ambiance of the boardroom depend on the conference tables selected. Come up with an equipment checklist of all equipment, for example, presentation easel, lectern, audiovisual carts, lectern, among others.

When measuring your room, take into account the doors, windows, and ceilings.
The equipment checklist determines the power sources in relation to furniture used when placed in relation to phone jacks and sockets. When using teleconferencing and AV equipment regularly, consider purchasing conference tables that are wired through power ports. No matter the size of space allotted for the room, you can always find a conference table that fits the perfect size and shape.

What Type of Conference Tables Do We Need?


A standard conference table measures 60 inches wide and just about 24 inches deep. Manufacturers will offer a standard style with varying finishes, colors and widths. This allows the user to customize their slab tables to meet certain requirements. An idea of how large your room is factored in conference tables of given sizes.

What Are the Best Types of Conference Tables?

large tableRectangular tables are classic for the boardrooms. The tabletop is flat-shaped with a suitable work surface for training rooms and meetings. You can join some of the models with ganging hardware that creates multi-segmented tables that offers custom size options just about the size of the conference room.

The boat-shaped tables have convex slides angling with tapered ends and occasional sports corners. The slightly curved tabletops appear stylish and elegant. Those who intend to carry out video conferences or other forms of visual presentation offer manufacturing options. For instance, cable management panels or power-communication models.

Octagonal conference tables come in rectangular or round shapes. The round table is highly suitable for small spaces as they fit compactly. To make your conference table comfortable, ensure there is ample knee room. For the larger boardrooms, pick an octagonal conference table that provides a significant visual impact.
The round-circular table perfectly fits smaller boardrooms as it uses vertical space without demanding too much floor space. Round tables give a relaxed, inclusive impression.